Corneal Topographers (31 companies found)

  • Belrose Refracting Equipment Co; Inc.

    For over 65 years family owned and operated, Belrose Refracting Equipment Co. has been a leader in the optical industry for the finest in new and reconditioned ophthalmic and laboratory equipment. We have continued our tradition of quality instruments by pursuing purchases of the best brands...
  • Bon Optic

    Bon Optic specializes in Corneal Topographers, Digital Slit Lamps, Retinal Cameras.
  • Medmont Instruments

    Medmont E300: The Medmont E300 is operated by a separate laptop, making networking & EMR integration simple. An auto-capture system provides quick & accurate capture of 4 simultaneous images. Using the “Composite Eye” function, 100% of the visible iris diameter can be imaged & analyzed. The software includes...
  • Latham & Phillips Ophthalmic

    Latham & Phillips Ophthalmic continues to provide exceptional products, quality, and service based on the founding principles this company was built upon. Maintaining our client’s trust and relationship with is our top priority.
  • AIT Industries

    AIT manufactures and distributes Patternless Edgers, Lens Finishing Equipment, Optical tools, and Ophthalmic Diagnostic Instruments used to process RX prescription eyewear.
  • Briot USA, Inc.

    L 79 ARK/Topographers: High resolution Shack-Hartmann technology gives the L 79 ARK/Topographers an exceptional measurement accuracy, an unequaled reliability, and offers additional features for an even sharper diagnosis.
  • Tracey Technologies Corporation

    iTrace WorkstationVisual FunctionalAnalyzer: 5-in-1 functionality including ray tracing wavefront aberrometry, multi-zone auto refraction, auto-keratometry, pupillometry; topography enabled by EyeSys Vision; provides corneal spherical aberration measurement for IOL selection; measures lenticular aberrations; keratoconus screening;...
  • Topcon Medical Systems, Inc.

    KR-8000PA Auto Refractor with Corneal Mapping: Tri-functional autorefractor/keratometer w/corneal mapping & contact lens fluorescein simulation fitting program; interfaces w/Topcon computerized lensmeters and CV-5000S Vision Tester. Resolution - n/a Processing Time - n/a Number Of Rings - 10 Number Of Data Points - 3,600 Working...
  • Walman Instrument Group

    Walman Instruments is a multi-line distributor of ophthalmic instrumentation that has been serving eye care professionals since 1915. We offer the finest products from more manufacturers than anyone in the industry. Our extensive selection enables our sales professionals to create custom...

    MODI 02: S4OPTIK MODI 02 is engineered with advanced technology for corneal topography. The ergonomic design, features, superior reliability and ease of use make MODI 02 the first choice in diagnostic and contact lens applications. Resolution - +/- 0.03D Processing Time - <3 seconds Number Of Rings -...