Non-contact Diagnostic Lenses (7 companies found)

  • Ambler Surgical

    Providing over 12000 of the highest quality surgical instruments and products for many specialties including Ophthalmic.
  • Walman Instrument Group

    Walman Instruments is a multi-line distributor of ophthalmic instrumentation that has been serving eye care professionals since 1915. We offer the finest products from more manufacturers than anyone in the industry. Our extensive selection enables our sales professionals to create custom...
  • Enhanced Medical Services

    Enhanced Medical Services (EMS) provides comprehensive eye care equipment solutions including new and pre-owned diagnostic and lane equipment. This mix of new and pre-owned allows our industry experts to consult with you to develop the right mix for your practice. Additionally, EMS is a...
  • Ophthalmic World LLC

    Lenses: Ophthalmic World supplies a range of non-contact diagnostic lenses from Volk including: Volk Digital Wide Field Lens; Volk 78D Lens; Volk 20D Lens; and Volk 90D Lens.
  • ifa united i-tech Inc

  • Haag-Streit USA

    906: Examination of the entire fundus, vitreous & the iridocorneal angle Newborn smaller mirrors suitable for the examination of small children Magnification - Field Of View - 59/66/73
  • Volk Optical Inc.

    Digital Series: Type/Use - Slit Lamp Biomicroscope; Noncontact Range of Lens Power - Diagnosis/slit lamp imaging & photography Digital 1.0X: FOV 60º/72º, Mag 1.0X Digital Wide Field: FOV 103º/124º, Mag 0.72X Digital High Mag: FOV 57º/70º, Mag 1.3X Coatings - enhanced visible glass design to reduce glare...