Retinal Scanners (17 companies found)

  • Bon Optic

    Bon Optic specializes in Corneal Topographers, Digital Slit Lamps, Retinal Cameras.
  • Chace and Associates - iViews Imaging

    Ophthalmology's real-time image and data review system. Collect and compare ophthalmology images, video and data sets.
  • TearScience

    TearScience® is the only company dedicated to identifying, diagnosing, and treating MGD, the leading cause of dry eye, with an FDA-cleared solution.
  • Topcon Medical Systems, Inc.

    3D OCT-2000 Optical Coherence Tomographer: First SD-OCT with an integrated non-mydriatic retinal camera. Automatic EDT reference setting; True 3-D view of the retina, featuring Topcon’s TrueMap™ software. Pin-point Registration™ allows doctor to map exact location of the OCT image with the the fundus image. Comes with Synergy, Topcon’s...
  • Optovue, Inc.

    iScan: The iScan software-assisted OCT system delivers the ultimate in ease-of-use. iScan’s software-assisted platform make it ideal for offices with limited staff resources. Operating iScan is simple, requires minimal training and delivers consistent scan acquisition. The system’s compact footprint...
  • Walman Instrument Group

    Walman Instruments is a multi-line distributor of ophthalmic instrumentation that has been serving eye care professionals since 1915. We offer the finest products from more manufacturers than anyone in the industry. Our extensive selection enables our sales professionals to create custom...
  • Optos

    200Dx: Ultra-widefield digital retinal imaging introduced by Optos is increasingly becoming a standard of care for primary eye care providers. The 200Dx technology is designed to simultaneously capture a digital image view of the retina from central pole to periphery. Versatile The images allow the...
  • Heidelberg Engineering Inc.

    SPECTRALIS® HRA with MultiColor: The MultiColor imaging capability simultaneously combines three laser wavelengths to produce high contrast MultiColor images highlighting structures at different depths within the retina. MultiColor imaging delivers detailed images even in difficult patients including those with cataracts or...
  • Truevision Systems, Inc

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    TrueVision® 3D Surgical combines 3D visualization and guidance software applications focused on improving accuracy, efficiency, and outcomes for both surgeons and patients.
  • Enhanced Medical Services

    Enhanced Medical Services (EMS) provides comprehensive eye care equipment solutions including new and pre-owned diagnostic and lane equipment. This mix of new and pre-owned allows our industry experts to consult with you to develop the right mix for your practice. Additionally, EMS is a...